About Us!
We are Aaron and Davina Hawkins
Jesus Recycles is God inspired ministry  that was birthed when God healed our marriage and changed our lives. 
God has done miraculous things in our lives and we know He will do the same in yours.

Our goal is to share our testimonies with the world.
We will share how our lives have been changed by the power of God through Jesus Christ.

We wish to deliver a message of hope and healing for marraiges.

We are equipped with the message of  salvation and deliverance to all those in need.

We seek to inspire young men and women to find thier purpose  and answer the question "why am I here?"

Our goal is to use this website to reach the world by letting everyone  know that  "He Makes Old Things New"
                     JESUS RECYCLES

Contact us:

Phone: (856) 243-2138

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Pastor Aaron & Lady Davina.